True First Person VS Normal First Person

I have a setup like this going on right now. I’m impressed with how well it actually works to just attach the camera to the headbone.

My current issue though is the aim offset calculations are off by a frame. I’m calling GetBaseAimRotation right now to get my character’s AimPitch in the AnimGraph. I plan on updating it to do more advanced calulcations later but that’ll still likely involve calling GetBaseAimRotation or GetActorEyesViewPoint in some way and it’ll probably still be off by a frame.

As a result, when I aim up and down my gun lags behind by a frame which looks terrible. It’s not noticeable in third person view. Didn’t have this issue when I was doing normal FPS view by having floating arms attached to the camera component like in the sample FPS project. I looked at how some other people did this and they don’t seem to have issues, so I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong when calculating the aim offset direction.

Also, this whole second camera thing, how well will it work with VR? I’m guessing it might not.

Oh hey fellow Red orchestra fan, Commander shepard from the HoTW Mod for RO2 here. I’ll be happy to provide you advice and detials on Ro2’s inner workings if you come across anything just post a question here


for the last 24 hours I have tried to set up this camera and I just cant do it!

Can you help me please man?

Really nice system but the problem I’m running into is that the Hip fire and ADS don’t align to the center of the screen anymore.



Is there any way to get them both to align to the center of the screen?

My series might help you out. We do procedural aiming where we bring the sight to a position infront of the camera so no double camera setups, allows for easily switching between optics and more: Unreal Engine C++ Procedural Aiming Part 1-14 Progress - YouTube

The system above is also a procedural aiming system and involves only 1 camera. I have switched to a 2 camera system for now as I had to move on with my project and a 2 camera system simply does the job. for me (all blue prints) I will watch your series.