"True" First Person Reloading Animation

I want to make a weapon reloading Animation that looks very realistic. In the example I have seen, the examples don`t actually have weapon animations, but instead just skeleton animations around a socket attachment(weapon). I think what I might be able to do is create the animation of the weapon and the and the skeleton(character) together and even import them together. How ever when the character dies, I want the weapon to be detached from the model after creating physics assets on the each piece.
Would this be a good way to get good first person animations with a 3d model in which the weapon is animated as well?
Any direction or comments would be very helpful

Well, Simple answer for you!

Variable for character;s flag should have more condition value than usual fps game.
It could be booleans for each single status, or integer(char) value for the sequence of status

Sequence should be multiple flag of the action.

Reloading → Detach magazine → Insert magazine → Slide → finish.

boolean isReloading - true after input reloading key
boolean isMagazineLoaded - after reloading input , before Finish reload (Slide finished)
boolean isReloaded - changed magazine, slide finished.
boolean isAlive - literally

Then each sequence has animset and also flag.
Therefore if character dies, no matter flag will say that character dead while reloading, which sequence,
then you can figure it out that dropped weapon has a magazine or not, or slided or slide stopped also.

More question is welcome!

See it ))) Unreal Engine 4 \ Realistic Reload (recharge) \ Реалистичная перезарядка \ Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube