True Data Structures in Blueprints

I am trying to make a simple linked list, but it seems a data structure can not contain another variable of its own type. Is this a bug? Lists are a very important part of efficient programming. I am trying to make an animation tree, where one node points to multiple other animations that can be traversed based on a condition. I am also storing these animation trees inside my weapons so that I can call the head of the trees by reference. I ran into a problem where getAnimationPose had not been implemented for Montages or blendspaces, so I am stuck using only the anim sequence references, so I can not just use montages for the tree. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Umm arrays in blueprints are lists, they just lie to us calling them arrays. To make more complicated data you need to use structs, but be carefull nesting structs inside structs and making arrays out of it is a bit too far.

However you can always make your own data structure in C++ then expose some methods like get item, add item etc

Found a “work around” with a similar effect. Created a struct with an of the items. This at least allows a multi-dimensioned array. And I am using objects that contain an integer for storing the location of the next “node” object in the array.