True 1P Cam - ADS Issue (Use Pawn Control Rotation)

Hi All,

I am working on a 1P ADS system and followed multiple approaches on how to do it (mathematical, multi cam, attach to socket), but my ADS is always slightly off (the same decrement no matter my rotation). Even though the engine says that the relative and absolute position of gun and cam are identical, they are definitively not!

I figured out that this might be related to the setting “Use Pawn Control Rotation” in the camera component. However, if I disable it, the cam becomes uncontrollable (when switching to the 1P Cam, it immediately moves up to face the sky; looking up and down is “heavy”, i.e. slight movements are not recognized and stronger movements shift the cam from +90° up directly to -90° down to face the bottom).

Anyone has any ideas how to “replace” the functionality of “Use Pawn Control Rotation” so that I can disable it when switching cams?

Other rotation settings I use:
Character Class Defaults: Use Controller Rotation Yaw
Character Movement Component: Use Controller Desired Rotation

Any help is highly appreciated!

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Found the issue why “Use Pawn Control Rotation” was glitching so terribly when moving to 1P ADS:
I was using Aim Offsets in my animations (so that I can look up and down while in ADS). Therefore I calculated the AimPitch based off “Get Base Aim Rotation”. Exchanging that to “Get Control Rotation” simply fixed the issue…


Another important note to the solution above: “Get Base Aim Rotation” DOES replicate and “Get Control Rotation” doesn’t. Sou you have to move the calculations out of the AnimBP and replicate it across all clients. Then send it back to the AnimBP on Tick.

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