Truck Trailer Attach & Detach System

[FONT=Arial Black]Truck and 2 trailers with mirrors, a light system, driving system, and the ability to attach and detach trailer from the truck.


• Truck Cab
• Container Trailer
• Tanker Trailer
• Driving with brakes
• Working mirrors
• Headlights with high/low beams
• Truck floodlights
• Brake/Reverse lights
• Left/right blinkers
• Hazard lights
• 3 cameras

Technical Details:
• 3 Blueprints
• 35 Materials
• 10 Meshes
• 6 Textures

Keyboard Map:
T : Attach/Detach
L : High/low beams
H: Floodlights
Z: Left Blinker
X: Right Blinker
F: Hazard Warning
C: Change between 3 cameras
Mouse Scroll Up /Down : Look right “inside camera”

Hope you like.

nice package, hope you get next AI system or some more special car thing

Thanks, I’m still working on AI system and hope finish it soon :wink:

nice then I can finish my car/motorcycle game. Tracks are ready etc, but you Leedo are making great work with these car assets

Thanks, hope you success in your game.

Hello already found the sale and comes with the trailer ? He would be ready to start a truck simulator ? Thank you!