Truck & trailer approach?


I have a truck made with simplevechiclemovment and whant a trailer connected. It dosent need to be a attach/ disconnect system. I´m happy with just a truck and trailer. How do I approach this? Shall the trailer have BP simplevechiclemovment as well? I whant the trailer wheels to move with springs.

Truck and trailer for my project



Regards Steel

Is the Attach Actor my solution? If so, how shall i proceed?

The truck is BP_SimpleWheeledVehicleMovement
and trailer as well BP_SimpleWheeledVehicleMovement

Parent class: Wheeled Vehicle for the two

same thing waiting for answer how to setup truck trailer i watch tutorial on youtube Unreal Engine Trailer System Tutorial but the trailer doesnt want to move i setup the blueprint and anime but doesnt want to move

The answer back then is the same still now.
You don’t.

You simply replace the mesh of the model from one without the trailer to one that includes the trailer. At runtime.

i replaced the mesh of truck when attach throw the trailer to that location … what is the issue ? thanks for help