Troublesome Blender mesh issue

At some point working on this mesh, this odd issue arised where the mesh becomes party transparent. Ive got transparency off, and I can’t select verts through the mesh, yet its still rendering as if its partly transparent. Really annoying, anyone know whats going on here?

it’s because of clipping. you can change the settings in the properties tab.

The clip view distance?

I encountered this error, changing the clip start/end helped, but did not eliminate the error completely. It happened when i scaled up my mesh to match ue scale. I haven’t got this problem in 2.78 yet though.

Yep that did it, man blenders weird. Like you, thats why I increased the clip/scale, to match ue4 scale. Im still running blender 2.74, guess its time to upgrade.

Cheers for the help good sir!