Troubleshooting Output Log for Build Failed (Windows)

Recently made some changes to both the map and few blueprints (no code) and now I am unable to package it. I’ve been looking through the output log but sadly I can’t seem to figure out what could possibly be causing the problem. I made a post on the Answer Hub here but I’m more interested is how you would go about troubleshooting this kind of thing. The Unreal documentation explains what and where the logs are but I’m assuming problems like this are too specific to deal with on there?

My question is, how do you even begin to troubleshoot the log? Is there a portion that is more important than the others? I know that sound ridiculous but the log file is huge.

I’ve attached the output log to this post and I appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction.

Wow, I found it.

LogCook:Error: Error loading G:/Unreal Projects/CatInterstellar/Content/Props/Fusebox_01.uasset!

deleted the Fusebox uasset in windows explorer and it worked. Note to self:
Look for “Warning/Error Summary”
The errors are first and those are what are breaking it.