Troubleshooting for installation errors.

I have been looking from days to make unreal engine running after a set of error course. however, i’ve got the troubleshooting for installing it. If there are more errors I didn’t know, please list in this forum.

-> Code 0 error.
it is a simple error which may or may not leave after sometime. it went off after 5 minutes of ignoring.
Note: If someone over answer hub tells you to delete visual C++ 2015, DO NOT DO THAT!
if you still having this error, this may appear frequently if you pause the download. so try to install older version without pausing as they are not as big as new versions.

-> Prerequisites error.
if you get it, you would be an unlucky person and there are very limited answers for that.
Note: This may appear if you delete the C++ 2015 or C++ 2013 and never installed it again. you may get the next error while you try to install it.

-> Unspecified error when installing it.
This can be considered as you did a pity and it priced expensive. to get rid of this, you have to download a LOT of windows updates which may cost up to 5-8 GB. first of all, you need to download KB2919335. if you are downloading it, please FOLLOW the install instructions like before you install main file (KB2919355), you have to install its prerequisite KB2919442. if you don’t, you may get the Not Applicable error.

-> Missing .dll
You may get a ton of missing ms-win-crt-(blah-blah)-l1-1-0.dlls (ofcourse this may not be the exact name). They are of C++ 2015 or 2013 files. you should install it.
If you get xinput or something similar, you should install DirectX 11 (this comes with the unreal engine).

-> 0xc000007b error
there are numerous ways to get this. When i got this error, this post helped me->

-> the procedure entry point error
This could be or not the last error you could face. Follow these instructions to get rid and successfully run the program.

this is to help guys who are facing numerous problems in installing the Unreal Engine.
I didn’t found any place in answer hub to post this. so i thought i could post here.
if you got any method to solve any problem, please post here which could help guys who are roaming around in the answer hub.
Thank You !