Troubleshooting Camera input


I created a simple camera rotation and zoom setup in my character blueprint. The rotation has been working until now (zoom still works). I can’t figure out what I could have done to make it stop working. I’ve put in print string nodes to make sure input was being received and it is displaying input values so perhaps there is another setting?

In my world settings I made sure the default pawn class was this character blueprint. Player Start’s CapsuleComponent is set to static but this isn’t editable, so I don’t believe this is the issue. It seems the issue is somewhere in the Character blueprint settings, but can’t get it narrowed down as of yet.

Here are some screenshots of my character blueprint.

281f04d6dcd20ebbf2489978cc6ab9c8bfb9c1bb.jpeg ed62b113dae08b5fb543cd356c457934172855f8.jpeg

Could be many things, without seeing more of your setup its a bit difficult to say.

Have you set “ShowMouseCursor” to false or true in the controller? If you set it to true, then InputAxis for the mouse will only give you values != 0 when you press any mouse button additionally (whyever).
In the character, have you set “Use controller yaw rotation” / “Use controller pitch rotation”?


Thanks Indy. I know I have ShowMouseCursor enabled but I can’t for the life of me find the setting for it. I do have the “Use controller yaw rotation” set, I’m not using the “Use controller pitch rotation” though, but even enabling that for testing purposes does not work. Are there any specific details I can provide?

I’m looking through an earlier iteration of this project where the camera does still move based on input but haven’t found a difference in between the 2 projects yet.

Edit: I’ve looked through both blueprints’ settings and nodes and found virtually no differences. I even copied the troublesome blueprint and removed everything except what was in the working blueprint and still it doesn’t work. After importing the working blueprint into my current project and setting that as the Default Pawn Class it works so the problem is specifically related to the blueprint and not the project itself. I’m not sure what else to do to troubleshoot this thing.

“Show Mouse Cursor” is a setting in the PlayerController. Simple test if that is your problem: Does rotating the camera work while you press any mouse button?

Other than that its really difficult to “remote debug” that without having the 2 characters at hand.


Found it, thank you. Yes, that is enabled. I think the issue is solely related to the Character Blueprint given that an older version of that blueprint imported into this project will work. I’m not sure how to go about finding a solution. Perhaps just rebuild the new changes into the older version?

Well, I wasn’t able to pin point the exact issue but I ended up just deleting and re-adding my spring arm and camera. This seemed to fix the issue.

I’d still like to know what caused the problem though in case it ever happens again.