Troubleshoot EQS Query

I have a simple EQS Query. It is supposed to find actors of a certain class.

The first one works fine. In one attempt, I copied it and simply changed the query template.

I watch it run an see both of them rapidly being highlighted as it runs. My testing pawn is successful using the “FindFoodBad” template. I tried running it as standalone and it did not work. I tried closing down the editor and that did not work. I created a brand new actor, used the exact same mesh in the “FindFoodGood” and no success.

The testing pawn is finding the actors so I assume the problem is not the query template.

What options do I have to troubleshoot this seemingly simple task?


Try opening a copy of the project in the 4.12 Preview. I noticed a few issues while working in EQS myself, and moving over to the preview resolved the ones that I was experiencing.

Let me know if this works, and if it does not, then we can continue to investigate.

Have a great day