Troubles with multiplayer

I have a problem with multiplayer.
For example, there are 2 ships A and B, they are instances of the Pawn class. there is a replication for these objects and there is a replication of movements in properties. The ship powered by physics itself, it meens when pressing the “W” key, an impuls of N is given in the direction of the force vector. The problem: if I run two clients with remote server (Run Dedicated server), then two objects are appeared on each client, but the movement is not transferred. For example: client1 will be bound to the ship A, and client2 to B. If the ship on client moves forward, then client2 doesn’t move, the same thing vice versa. If I run the client and server (without Run Dedicated server), (client=A, server=B) and to move on the client, the server doesn’t see any movement, if I move on the server, the client gets the server’s movement and displays it on the screen. Why there is no transfer from the client to the server? I’ll focus on the fact that this is a custom-built class of Pawnm not Character (it’s not suitable for a number of reasons).
I made a crutch with tunOnServer and Multicast events, but it’s not suitable because everything jerks and in fact it’s a crutch what is not acceptable. Are there any examples of solutions? Does anyone know what is the reason of the problem? And what ideas on fixing this? If you need add information, I’d like to provide it. On the screen realization of the forward movement.

Any particular reason you’re not using “Character” as the base class of your character?

“Replicate Movement” has tons of properties automatically bound to the Character Movement component of the Unreal basic Character class.

If you didn’t purposely create a character not inherited from the UCharacter class, I suggest you to start fresh with a base character from Blueprint templates.