Troubles With Input Actions - Can't Seem TO Find Out How TO Use Them With Blueprints

Hey everyone, hope all is well!

I decided to make the plunge and give UE4 a try after working with Unity for about two-three years. Boy what a plunge it’s been, lol.
I’m stuck at something very basic: registering an input action, and then using that to trigger animations. I’ve got the input axis bit pretty much figured out and got a custom character moving and animating around the test scene.
Would I use a custom event that would then be used in the animation/event graph? It’s odd, I can’t seem to find out how to do this anywhere. But then again, I’m new and probably am not using the right search terms. =-)

Thanks, and take care!

I may have found the solution.
It seems like it may have been to simply copy over the locomotion state machine and make a transition from the blend space within to the animations I wanted to trigger. I was doing it previously by having the entry connect straight to the animation, but with no trigger functionality known to me for such a thing, I couldn’t actually get the thing to play.

Now with that slight switch-around, everything appears to be functioning as intended. =-)