Troubles Installing Dev Kit

I’m trying to use the Ark Dev Kit from the Steam tools, because I had already downloaded it before I found out about the Epic Launcher and I’d rather not download a huge file again.

So here is where I am having issues:

  1. I downloaded the dev kit from Steam
  2. I went to the github to download .zip file
  3. I copied the github files (I assumed I have to copy the Engine and Projects folder) into my C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARKDevKit folder.
  4. I run the ARKDevKit.bat
  5. But I get this error when launching it

Anyone know what is causing this issue, am I forgetting a step? Should I just use the Epic Launcher even though I’d rather not?

Hey, please don’t download the dev kit from Steam. we have some outdated information that needs to be updated. You’ll want to grab the dev kit from the unreal site. Here’s a video walking you through it.
Sorry for the confusion!

Doing that now!

Thanks for the reply!

Ive downloaded the files as she stated above I downloaded mine from GitHub ] when I go to copy the Engine folder it tells me the file names are too long and it wont run. Windows 10 PC

Hey ComplexMinded, do you know why the DevKit is still available via Steam? Wouldn’t it be the easiest to take it down? I guess you guys thought about that as well, but I am trying to understand the problem.