Troubles exporting animation fbx from Sequencer

I have recorded a camera animation in Sequence Recorder using VIVE controller to manipulate a camera. Then I opened it in the Sequencer, selected camera and it’s parent object, and then exported them to fbx using right-click menu.
And it seems that fbx has no rotation info imported. I get all objects and transforms of the camera right, but it just looks in one direction and has no rotations at all. I tried importing to Houdini, C4D and 3ds max. Everywhere I got it all the same. Could it be possible that fbx exporter is just doing it wrong? I tried exporting .t3d file and it has correct rotation info, as I can tell, but I don’t have anything to import it and it’s a bit too complicated to write a parser for it just to get rotations from it.
I think I have latest UE4 Version: 4.24.3-11590370+++UE4+Release-4.24

Is there another way to export animated objects from UE? There is also an option “export to camera anim asset”, but I just don’t know what to do with it then, cause I am new to UE.

I managed to solve the problem by deleting the Transform property on CameraComponent. It seems like exporter used it’s rotation data, while location data from another place.
To explain it further here is the tree:

  • CineCameraActor_blueprint

    • CameraComponent

      • Transform (I deleted this and all exported well)

        • Location

        • Rotation

        • Scale

      • Visibility

    • DefaultSceneRoot

    • SceneComponent

    • Attach

    • Spawned

    • Transform

      • Location (this was picked up properly by exporter)

      • Rotation (this was overriden by the empty rotation above)

      • Scale

    • Visibility