Troubles con visual studio

Hello good.
I am new to unreal and I already have problems.
I needed to load and save TXT files from a BGE project, but apparently unreal it doesn’t have something similar so you have to go around with C ++ using Visual studio.

After installing Visual studio the problems started.
It requires a beastly amount of space, 7Gb for an IDE …
Then unreal throws errors when it wants to create a libraryfunctionblueprint.
I cannot enter a visual studio because I need to log in.
Well, when I try to log in, take it. It tells me that its own login does not work and I need to install microsoft edge.
After a lot of trying, no microsoft edge installer finishes installing, on top of that there is no offline installer version.
And there is no way to log into visual studio.

Well, I don’t use visual studio or anything, so it went back to unreal, I tried your CSV file system to save variables.
After closing and opening unreal, you can no longer load even new projects.
Throw me an error
“unreal, the following modules are missing or built with a different engine version”
So I used the solutions I found and nothing, now I can’t even open the projects.

Visual studio and the stressed …
Does anyone know of an IDE that does work for unreal?
Is it necessary / essential that Visual studio is installed to be able to make and use scripts?

Attach an original language version of your posts too. Some parts are hazy (at best).

First of.
Visual studio. You need to install the Community version, which is free to use.

You should install all packages for c++, c# and Game development (flagged as unity normally?).

After doing that, project association via Unreal should just work correctly.

VS can be 20GB plus. There’s no point complaining about disk sizes when working with unreal.
If you are short on disk space get your things in order.
The engine alone is around 40GB with Symbols installed.

Whatever version of the engine you are on install debug symbols.
If tou want to work with C++ those are sort of a necessity.

File I/O is a core part of c++
You need to extend it to the editor / game.
The closest thing you can use to copy some logic from is the Game Save system.

If you already created an external library for file management, you can possibly include it with the pre-made systems

This is really only applicable if you want to develop the library in an unrelated project and call back to its functions within unreal.
It isn’t necessary because the file I/O system isn’t coming from an external library, so you can create your own blueprint library and extend the core functionality as its often done with Quaternions

I can’t find my forum posts in which I shared code for this. That probably means they are hidden after the last forum update or some such.
Just fish out any example of exposing Quaternion or Doubles to Blueprint via C++
You’ll want to do something very similar for file i/o.

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Be patient, soy latino.

I install the version of Unreal recommended in his button download Visual studio.
Some people tell me these version is the enterprise…actually i quit Visual studio.

Off course, i not assosiate nothing, just try login into visual studio.

Blender 2.7 320Mb + Python 37Mb and make 3d games.

Really need 40 Gb? i have 20 more less…
Just neet to use unreal for export to Android, the blueprint system is uncomfortable in comparison with sensor controller actuator script system of BGE.

In next days go to review and delete files to make some space.
Why a Visual studio need a great amount of space? an IDE like Geany or Dev-CPP only takes 200 Mb.

Yes. anoter people says the same. I need Visual fu**ing studio.

These isn’t necessary yet.
I need to develop a point of sale, and how need to learn Unreal to make android games, few try learn and make the point of sale into Unreal.
But the netbook can’t support the shaders and i go to work on Excel.

Of course, exist many things i don’t know(almost now), but i review some information about quaternions in Unreal.
In blender Quaternions is a method to apply location and rotation for bones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all your time, and now i go to work.