Trouble with UDIM Texture Maps From Substance Painter

Hi all, I am having a problem with my exported texture maps from painter to UE (4.26). Everything looks great in Painter (1st image), however once importing to Unreal some (but not all) textures seem to be shifted with respect to the UV maps (I used a UDIM/Tiled workflow from blender).

I found an older post that recommended triangulating the mesh from Blender 2.91 (I used triangulate modifiers at the end of the stack on all objects w/ the “Keep Normals” checked on. These modifiers are applied at export of the FBX)

Painter Viewport:

UE Viewport:

Painter Export Settings:

Since the problem doesn’t exist everywhere (actually most of the texture maps/UV are aligned correctly in UE), I’m not sure the UDIM workflow is to blame here, maybe it’s my FBX import settings? Maybe something to do with the creation of the virtual textures from the UDIM maps?

Anyone run into this problem before? Any clues as to what I should try are welcomed (I can provide more screenshots/info if needed)