Trouble with transparent liquids in VR FUN house.

Hello Friends,
I am a very new UE4 user. I am working on making my own VR game. I am right now trying to mod the VRFun house to learn the basics. I wanted to make the paint emiting from the Foam guns to be transparent. So I used the FLEX branches flexsurfacetranslucent Flex Fluid surface. The initial results are good. Please look at the attached image [image1 : water flowing out of the foam gun, liquid is transperant and refracts] . But once the water particles land You can only see them from a particular angle and they dont seem to stick on the static meshes properly [image 2, that was the liquid on the floor, it is visible only if I look at it directly] The flexfluidsurface uses the flexsurfacetranslucent material from the /flex/ branch and it uses a flexmirrorboundary material function. Any help with fixing this issue would be much appreciated.

Thank you