Trouble with the Analog Rotation inside Blueprints

I’m having some trouble with rotation using the axis of the right stick to control which direction the character is facing - I’ve found through directly possessing the pawn that when the rotation goes through a certain 90 degrees (depicted below in red) the pawn view is actually rotating 90 degrees making the game world appear as if you were lying on the floor

alt text

essentially the X & Y of the right analog stick is creating a vector which then gets turned into a ‘rotation based on axes’ then sent to the controlled actor (depicted bleow)


any ideas what in the world could be causing that?

Have you tried using ‘up’ instead of forward? I’m not sure if this is 1st person or 3rd or anything like that but i think ‘up’ is the axis you use to look left and right (yaw) and ‘forward’ is essentially roll.

You’ve tried using Z instead of wither X or Y in the make vector as well?

Let me start with I have no idea what I am doing…however I was having issues setting rotation and in my search found this question…I know it’s your pitch that’s causing the flip in your character so do a “break rot” from your actor rotation and a “break rot” from your “make rotation from Axes” node…“Make rot” from those but only using the Yaw from “Make rotation from Axes” and use the same Pitch and Roll from you Actor already…(if you need it…my character is always at 0 for those so I didn’t)
Hopefully this works for you if you’ve not already solved this…either way thanks for your info above as it helped me get past a problem I’ve been having…

Hi, I’ve just been doing this myself for a character.

I simple did the same set up as but created a Vector from the X and Y values and used a “Atan 2 (Degrees)” to get the angle between the sections in your top diagram.