Trouble with Move Component To and Rotation

Hi all,

I’m working on a climbing system and currently I am implementing the grab wall functionality. It works great except for one bug: The character model is not rotating to face the wall and is instead staying rotated in the direction it was pointing when I hit grab. This is how I’ve got it implemented:

  1. Do a sphere trace by channel (to a custom channel) starting from the player and going out a short distance
  2. Break the hit result
  3. Set up Move Component To. I have a macro that determines where on the wall the capsule component should move to (this works fine)
  4. Move Component To rotation: I take the Normal of the Impact point, convert it to a rotator, and plug it into the Move Component To node.

Ultimately, I can’t figure out why it’s not turning and snapping to the wall. I was pretty sure I had my math right. Could anyone possibly help me figure out where my issue is? I’ve included a screenshot of the bug, and the blueprint code below.

Thanks again!