Trouble with mouse over events!

Hey Everyone! First off, i’d like to state that I am VERY new to UE4 so if my questions are dumb I apologize.
I’m trying to start simple with paper2d and work my way up to 3D. So I have an actor that has a sprite as one of its component. What I want to happen is when I hover over the sprite with my mouse it will change the cursor to a hand and when I am no longer hovering over the sprite it will simply change back to its default cursor. what is happening though is that the cursor will only change into the hand when I am holding down a mouse button and hovering at the same time it will change back when I cease one of the two actions. I am not using any templates. I am using blank project.

here is the blueprint for the actor.




First important thing is to not bump thread, especially less than an hour after opening. Most people having only few mins to help look at threads with 0 replies. This is your own interest.

Your blueprint setting is fine, it would work like that. The issue may be with your sprite ( collision ?) or (as you started from blank) your controller.

Thanks! I’ll check my sprite and my controller to see if I can find anything.
Sorry about the bump. I’ll make sure to not do that in the future.

I checked my sprite and my controller class and I cant see anything. I even created a new project using the Top Down template a recreated the exact blueprint I used above except using one of the starter kit props and the same thing happened. the cursor still wont change unless I hover AND click. How is this still happening in a template project? is there a setting I am missing? could it be the engine build(4.6.1) I am currently using? I am Just really confused. Here are few images that might help solve the problem.

Here is the Player Controller:


Project Settings:

World Settings:

There are pretty much no other blueprints to show besides my actor blueprint which I included in the original post.

**Ok I Figured it out. Engine Build 4.6.1, for whatever reason, has buggy mouse hover events. in Engine Build 4.5.1 it works fine. So i’m just going to move over to the previous build. Thanks for your help. **

Seems that i have the same problem and it’s 4.22… any ideas? i’m going mad

It is working for me on 4.23.1, just had to set the controller

Same problem exists in 4.25.4.

Can you kindly share a screenshot of your blueprint setup?

I meet the same question. I set hovered response on every button, but when mouse hovers on they are not work. Did u resolve it?

I am sorry I cannot remember what I did exactly. I think just I did a work around for this problem to avoid needing the above functionality altogether.