Trouble with level collision please help

before i begin excuse my english.

I tried almost everything to get the collision working, but it just wont work.

what i did is first I made a collision using 3d max

forexample , if there is building , i made a simple box
name after the building,



and then export it.

when i import them it shows on unreal i have collision prims 2

it seems like everything like a tutorial, but it doesn’t work.
well actually, some of building works, but few doesn’t work.

this the part i don’t get, only few of collision works, and few don’t,
even though there all made of box.

i tryied using blueprint, it didn’t work at all.

so please help me how to get these boxese collision.

Do you use meshes with just one face? (e.g like a simple plane) -> when that’s the case, make sure to flip the face so that it points into the right direction or make it solid (instead of just a plane for a wall, use a cube) :slight_smile:
When that’s not the case -> what happens when you create a collision in the mesh preview window from the UE4?

thanks, for reply,
I made everything in 3d studio max, using “Box”
so I think flipping is not an issue,

some box does work as collision,
but the most box is not.

how do everyone usually deal with their walls?
what kind of process do they take to make wall for collision?

Your buildings/walls too? (they should also be solid or the face should be flipped)

-when you remove the collision in UE4 + then add one in the UE4 (there you can also add a collision box in the mesh preview) -> do you get the same result?
-how complex have you made the collision for your object? many overlapping boxes?
-separate your mesh into more separate pieces and try it again or use the “use complex as simple” collision complexity

thanks for the help,
I got it fix by making my character collision bigger,
I don’t really understand why it’s like this but, it seems like if I have small collision for the character it can go through some of my “box” collision I made.

I didn’t have any object are flipped or overlap, they are just square boxes,