Trouble with importing world(StaticMESH)

i’m trying to import a complex mesh into the UE4, its complex cause of it texture. First the world is from mineways(minecraft world exporter) but the problem is that mineways export worlds for rendering use, so if you try to use it in UE4… lightmaps overlaps itself cause the way mineways UVmap it. If that was the only problem its easy to solve, just bake all textures so u will have a flat UV of all faces. i DID it and here is where i’m stuck. i got the same overlaping lightmap error even with baked object, IDK why because there is no more overlaping UVs. I exported it from 3dsmax as OBJ+MTL and import it in UE4 goes normal and works like a charm but the lightmaps is buggy as hell. If someone don’t understand it i can post pictures of specific parts of the process i did to get it on. Or if a kind soul wants to really help add me on skype > “theskybutcher” without the quotes of course! Thanks everyone.

i have the same problem… i think you will just have to use stationary or movable lightninig…