Trouble with Importing Custom Collision Mesh


One of the new wave of Unreal 4 users here, and I’ve been looking at it for quite a while but only really dived in this weekend.

Anyway, the problem I’m having is importing an assets with a customised collision mesh, after searching about, I saw the renaming UCX method and tried it but to no avail.

The object in question is here:

I’ve tried using the U4 tools but the overhang section really seems to throw the engine off and it causes my player to be unable to walk underneath.

This picture shows the collision mesh I wanted to use after mocking it up in , the main object is named wall_01 and the collision object is named UCX_wall_01 which I believe is the correct way to do it?

However, after selecting them both and exporting them as an FBX and importing it in Unreal, my collision simply isn’t present, I can walk right through the object, or if I check generate collisions it simply gives me the previous problem I was having without my custom collision.

I’m assuming this is something I’m just overlooking for being completely new to the program but any help would be greatly appreciated!

-disable “use one convex …” in the import settings
-delete the 01 behind the names and try it again
-take a look at this tutorial: :slight_smile:

Thank you for the fast response, I’m away from my computer at the second but I’ll try these things shortly.

That seems to have done the trick thank you very much.