Trouble with "Finding Actors in Blueprints" How To


I’m new to UE4 and I’m going through the “Finding Actors in Blueprints” How To. I can’t seem to reproduce the example after step 10 which looks like this:

Instead I get this:

The highlighted node between the “Cast To Emitter” and “Is Active” nodes was automatically added and I get this Error:

I’d like to maintain my 100% success rating going through the how to’s and tutorials, thanks. (I’m using engine version 4.9.2)

I believe this is just from changes to casting in blueprints in newer versions of the engine, you don’t have to cast now in this case, if you remove it and just use the Array Element on the loop it should work

Thank you for the reply Mosel3y,

This image shows what I’ve done to the network based on your description. I do not get warning errors, however it does not work as intended; There is no effect, the 3 Blueprint_Effect_Fire objects in the level do not Deactivate.

Are your emitter within a blueprint, or are they just emitter actors?

I believe so, Blueprint_Effect_Fire, the ones found in the Starter Content. The ‘How To’ instructs us to place 3 of them into the level and demonstrates different ways to find them.

The first time they use Get All Actors of Class in tutorial, they use Blueprint_Effect_Fire as the class, but not in the lower example.

Finding just the emitter class would disable emmiters in the world, but not ones inside blueprints as they won’t be found. So in this case you should find blueprint effect fire. But look again at the tutorial, I thinks it’s two different examples there and you have mixed them up

That was it! I placed a few emitter actors in the level and they were removed!

“In the example above, we are getting all Actors of the Emitter Class and not a specific Class of Blueprint…”

You’re right, I didn’t read that correctly, thanks for your help!