Trouble with DerivedDataCache


I know, this question may be asked already a million times (but I havn’t found a solution that worked for me), but how could I force the engine to write the DerivedDataCache in the project?

Mine is default at C at the moment an reached the size of 17 GB which is not that funny on a SSD with 110 GB.

I added this to the DefaultEngine.ini (it’s from Hourences website) but all it changed is that loading my project now took nearlly 15 minutes but it didn’t create a DerivedDataCache Folder in my project files.

Boot=(Type=Boot, Filename=”%GAMEDIR%DerivedDataCache/Boot.ddc”, MaxCacheSize=512)
Local=(Type=FileSystem, ReadOnly=false, Clean=false, Flush=false, PurgeTransient=true, DeleteUnused=true, UnusedFileAge=34, FoldersToClean=-1, Path=”%GAMEDIR%DerivedDataCache”) 

First I thought, ok I have to import something new to test it…done…but there was still no change.

How do you handle the DerivedDataCache?

Did someone manage to write it in the project?

*Bumped in the hope to receive a helpful answer