Trouble with capturing images by command line

I have a trouble with capturing images by command line.

I would like to capture movie / images by batch file.
As mentioned No images from Dumpmovie Command Line - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums ,
I could get .bmp images by using packaged exe.

However, the result was lack of frames.
I specified fps=30, but actual output images were only 15 frames(res 1920x1080).

I used the below command.

“C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/Unreal Projects/StylizedRendering/WindowsNoEditor/StylizedRendering.exe” -ResX=1920 -ResY=1080 -FPS=30 -DUMPMOVIE -BENCHMARK -SECONDS=1 -SILENT -NOTEXTURESTREAMING -NOWRITE -WINDOWED

Is something wrong with my command?
Does enyone know how to solve this problem?

And how can I specify the output file format?

Did anyone meet same trouble?