trouble viewing kite demo assets

I’ve been trying to look through the kite demo assets but every time I click on any of them UE freezes for 1-3 minutes and it uses 25% (1 core) of my cpu the whole time. This happens even when right clicking, and with simple textures. Any idea what is causing this?

I’m running windows 7 x64, 2.8ghz i7, 8GB of ram, GTX 970, and everything is run off of SSDs. I don’t understand where the bottleneck is here. And, this doesn’t happen with my own assets (which are much smaller). I could understand if it was some super complex material that needed compiled before opening, but these are just texture files.

If I look at the resource manager UE is maxing out the “disk” graph and using an extra ~1.5GB of ram during that time when it is frozen. Why does it need so many resources just to display a texture image (no material or mesh)?

Its processing the textures (Compression, Mip maps, etc.), each of them are 8192x8192. It takes time. Just let UE4 do its thing and eventually it will allow you to open them. This should only happen the first time.

Kinda wish they had a 2k or 4k download option, it’s a bit annoying dealing with files that big.