Trouble using Git with Unreal Projects

Im having trouble using any Git services with my projects.

Whenever I attempt to push my files to the server, the server rejects it.
I thought it was a size limit problem with GitHub, but after installing my own Git server (Bonobo Git Server), I’m getting the same errors.

I know this may be an issue with file sizes and things on the Git side, but I’ve never come across this with my other projects. The file in the Derived Data Cache is causing the problem (818Mb). Any thoughts?


From the name, I’d hope it could be rebuilt and added to the .gitignore file so it isn’t checked into Git. The intermediate folder is probably the same way.

Try backing up you project into a new directory, deleting that directory from the original project, launching the editor and seeing if get rebuilt. If it does, add the entry to not send that directory to Git.

Well, you’re right about being able to delete it. However it isn’t ever rebuilt (at least not if i Build, Compile, Save, Edit a level, or add content.)

It seems odd to have such a large file not be necessary…

It’s worth noting that the Intermediate files are necessary for Code based projects. They are easily regenerated by clicking File->Refresh Visual Studio Project.

Figured it all out:

With the free version of GitHub it is not possible to upload files over 100MB. And that’s just not realistic with things like video games. So the best free solution is to download GIT for windows (if in windows) and Bonobo Git Server and host it yourself if you have a static IP.

Follow the instructions when installing the Bonobo Git Server. After you’re done, edit the web.config file in the ‘Bonobo.Git.Server’ folder. Open Visual Studio as administrator, open the web.config file, and under change the value to 2147483647 [the largest possible int].

From there on out it’s Git as usual. and here’s the best guide for Git I’ve ever seen:

[git - the simple guide - no deep shit!]

Cheers all!

You also might look at They claim to have no limits on file size from what I’ve been able to find out. They also allow for a free private repository which is why I’m using them for one project.

I like storing my important files off-site just in case.

I’m actually moving it to a raspberry pi I had laying around today
These little things are the best. 35 bucks is nothing for all the things it can do