Trouble turning on oculus audio spatialization

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to enable the Oculus Audio Spatialization. I’ve followed these instructions:

  1. Open up a new Unreal 4.8 project
  2. Go to the Window (tab at the top) >> Plugins >> Audio >> Oculus Audio Plug >> click on the ‘Enable’ tab
  3. Reopen the Unreal 4.8 project
  4. In the ‘Content Browser’ select ‘Import’ and import a wav file
  5. Drag your .wav into the editor
  6. Now in your ‘Content Browser’ right-click go to ‘Sounds’ and create ‘New Sound Attenuation’
  7. Double-click on the ‘Sound Attenuation’ you just created
  8. Check off ‘Spatialize’ and ‘Spatialization Algorithm’ should be set to ‘spatialization HRTF’

Up until this point, but I can’t find the option for ‘Spatialization Algorithm’. I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but I would appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you

It looks like maybe enabling Oculus Audio didn’t save. I just tested this and after restarting the editor, Spatialization Algorithm appears right above Distance Algorithm. Definitely working in 4.13.




I checked my plugins and it says that Oculus Audio Plugin is enabled though. Do you think this might be a problem because i’m on a mac?

Actually yes. Sorry. The main problem is with the Oculus. It is not supported on a Mac as it doesn’t meet the specs required to run it.