Trouble trying to shaking camera

Hi sorry for the noob question:i have an explosion as blueprint i would like to make the player screen shake when it collides a trigger of the explosion bp but i’m doing something wrong…what am i mistaking? Tnx (and sorry for english )

UE4 uses centimeters for it’s units, But I tend to add one or more zeroes to values if I cannot see it working to make sure that it is.


your cast is redundand. your “get all actors of class” is already a char. no reason to cast against it. its long ago that i used camera shakes but try to plug in the player chars location into the epicenter and rise the numbers a bit

duh…sorry for my noobness but…where have i to add what to achieve what?

if i remove the “get all Actors of class” it says there is an error…btw i rised a lot numbers and now it seems it’s working…i have just another lil related problem…if im not pressing a movement key the effect doesn’t activate …probably it’s an activation problem i used “begin overlap” can someone suggest a better way to activate this effect?

And btw an enormious tnx to both of you guys

you should remove the cast and not the “get all actors of class”. isn’t there a time variable inside of the camera bp ?