Trouble setting walk and run flipbooks.

Ok, this time I’m trying to set up the character so that they play different flip books at different velocity’s, a walk, and a run animation.
However every time I try to make it work, only the run flip book plays, ignoring the velocity difference.
I have the horizontal movement set to the left thumb stick of a controller, and use Abs to convert negative values for the animation.

Is it a problem with that or is it something else I’m doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.

Update: Found a solution to the problem!

I set up a HUD that would display the characters velocity while I experiment with the physics.

What I found was that the full velocity was MUCH larger than I first thought

(With the joystick pushed all the way to one side)

With this information I was better able to set the velocity difference between the animations. I hope this helps anyone with a similar problem.