Trouble running any project

I have updated to 4.5 and created new project and used the sample projects but I still can’t run any of them on android. The only one that works is tappy chicken. When I try to edit tappy chicken (i.e. disable the collision aspect) and load it to my android it doesn’t show any of the changes I made to the project. So far I have created a game but I can’t load it to my android to test it. It runs fine in the ue4 preview though. Anytime I try to run the projects on my device I get a black screen for a few seconds then it force closes. I have tried disabling the mobile HDR settings also. I have been waiting for a fix for this but haven’t seen anything. Can anyone help me?

Are you still seeing this issue? Have you updated to the newest version of the editor? We are at 4.7.5 now.