Trouble rotating player camera when paused.

I have been trying to get a system where everything pauses apart from the player I have tried using the time dilation but that has a limit and just makes everything slow so I have now set up the game to pause on the press of the ‘E’ key and the player is tickable when paused on event begin play.


That leads to the camera being left behind and the player not rotating when using the mouse. When the game is unpaused the camera snaps back to the player.


Setting up keyboard rotation on the First person camera in blueprints allows the player model to rotate but the camera still ignores it.

Rotating camera BP.png


I have tried setting each part of the first person character to tickable when paused but they all lead to the same results. I am using UE 4.7 any help would be much appreciated.

You’ve set the camera component itself to be Tickable When Paused, right?

Also, have you tried setting the ACTOR to Tick when paused (as opposed to ticking just the Character’s component(s))?

Yeah I had all the components Tickable When Paused and and tried the actor tickable when paused but the only one that makes anything work when paused is the one in the screenshot.

Have you found a solution? I started with the “Top Down” template and added several features like rotating the camera and a spell system. While I am able to pause the game with certain elements continuing to move (e.g. a projectile), I can’t update anything that is related to the character (movement and camera). Every relevant input action is set to execute when paused. The character as well as the controller are tickable during a pause. The same is true for every relevant and not so relevant component (in fact, every component within the character blueprint is set to tickable except the mesh which causes the editor to crash). Here is a screenshot of a fuction within the character.
The values for the rotation update during a pause, the camera doesn’t though. After unpausing the camera quickly snaps to a new position which means that an update indeed occurred when paused. As I said, character movement doesn’t work either, but camera movement is less complex and a fix should apply to the former as well.

No but I will be trying again with the help of some other people once I have finished my current coursework as it is due in next week so no free time sadly.