Trouble replicating client AimOffset to server

Hey all, i got 2 characters of the same class on my map and i cant seam to figure out why client aimoffset isn’t replicating on the server. Server aimoffset works fine. I tried every possible way that i know of but it doesn’t work.
Id appreciate some help this has been bugging me for weeks and i still haven’t found a solution.

My player bp event graph:


server graph:

anim bp:


Just a quick glance, I don’t see where you are actually sending the variable “Aim Angle” to the Server. You call a Server RPC, but not sending any variables with it.

Third image where Aim Multicast is, im sending replicated AimAngle to AimTrigger event, which is in animation blueprint

Ok i finally solved the problem, thank you Devero.
In case anyone gets stuck here like i did, you need to pass the variables as parameters to the server because for me the server kept the variable as default and didn’t had any reference to it.