Trouble Re Importing a Static Mesh

Hello, So I am trying to reimport a Static Mesh i have made changes too, The Problem is in my editor the changes are not reflected in the content browser, but the mesh does Reimport sucessfully, On another PC in the editor you can see the changes have been imported, I have tried Hard Import and I have tried deleting the mesh from the folder and then importing again none of this works. One work around I have found is importing a mesh with a different name and then I can then Change the name in the editor, this work around is pretty inconvenient. Another Similar problem I am having to this one if changing the mesh transforms and then reimporting at the 0,0 axis, but the mesh does not update in the level. I have read this may be a known issue, but was looking for a possible work around if any. All the source locations are correct in this instance

What version of the editor are you using?

There is one known issue that Epic refuses to fix : if you’re not importing from within your project’s root folder (say, you have C:\Myproject\Content and D:\Myproject-sources\FBXContent), it wont reimport.

D:\Users******\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject – project loc
D:\SystemBackupActual\figuren\Konsole\Modular_Props\Maze -fbx loc.
It works for me.

I guess you’re a lucky guy because that bug has been acknowledged by Epic staff and reported as UE-11538. As of last week it was still marked as “to do” for a later version, according to Tim Hobson.

I am using the most current version, by not importing in my projects root folder, are you saying that for this to work I need to have the assets FBX files located in the actual content folder?

Reimport FBX Model Doesn't Work - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums found a work around at the bottom of this thread