Trouble making a ladder

Hi everyone.
I need your help with some behaviour related to a ladder system I want to create.
Right now I have a blueprint which consists on a mesh and a box. When you enter the box, the character’s movement mode is set to Flying and “IsClimbingLadder” is set to true and when it leaves the box, it sets it to false and returns the movement mode to walking. The problem is that I want something for a 3rd person styled game and I’m not really sure how to achieve it. I want it so when you press up it increases the position of the player by X amount, let’s say 10 units in Z and wait until it has finished setting the position to try to move again. However, when I try to do it the player just slides until it climbs the whole ladder.

This is my current setup:


Can anyone recommend me what to do?

The MoveForward InputAxis fires continuously, so you should use a different input to control the movement. The IsClimbing variable pauses input until the MoveUp Timeline, which is just going from 0 to 1 over two seconds simulating a climbing action, is finished.

Thanks! I managed to get it to work. :smiley: