Trouble installing maya


i am having trouble with installing Maya.
Maya is in “Engine\Extras\Maya_AnimationRiggingTools\MayaTools”, however the UE4 Maya install guide says to put “” into “C:\Users\\Documents\maya\scripts” my problem is that i do not have a Maya folder in my Documents.
i have looked everywhere for it, i was hoping if anyone had a fix for this? or am i just doing it wrong?
thank you

So to be clear, you must already have Autodesk Maya software in order to use the rigging/animation tools. The tools do not come with or install Maya themselves. They’re simply a “plug-in”, so to speak.Our internal teams here use Maya, so we were just adding some of our internal tools to the extras folder in case anyone found them useful.

I apologize if you aren’t able to use the tools or if that wasn’t clearly communicated in the documentation.

oh ok thank you Jeremy