Trouble Importing the Simpsons House and walking into it (collision problem?)

Hey everyone,
I am completely new to UE4 and I’m looking for some help.
I exported the following Object (The Simpsons House | 3D Warehouse)
to an FBX file using Sketchup.

I then started a new project in UE4 using the the 3rd person option. I import the FBX file in using the import button, then once the object is loaded in I drag it into the design window. From here the house appears and I scale it to the appropriate size, however once the object is placed I cannot walk on it using my character, there is an “invisible wall” around the object. If I turned collision off I can get past the invisible wall but then I cant go upstairs or downstairs in the house, I just sink through it.

Any help will be appreciated, Im really looking forward to experimenting in UE4.


Hey Chaseg22!

Sounds like you used auto collision on import. If you want to walk inside the model, you’re going to need to setup custom collision in your modeling package and import that into UE4.

heres a vid to help you