Trouble importing multiple statics (from maya)

Thank you in advance for reading!

I have a scene of the 1st floor of a house. I have a ton of meshes for it, but more importantly I have about 20 meshes that I want to be imported at the same time so I don’t have to rearrange them and move into place (floors, trim, staircase, door, windows etc)

I select all the meshes in maya and export them as one FBX. I jump into unreal and import it (unchecking the “combine meshes” option) so when it imports, all 20 meshes are separated in the content browser. I select all 20 of the meshes and drag it out to my scene, when I do it looks like all the meshes exploded. Nothing is in place at all to where it should be. Is there a step I’m missing? I don’t want to have to move each object into place being that it would take way too long than it should. Should I have exported each object as it’s own fbx?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great weekend :slight_smile:

I could be WAY off, not having maya or your scene, but it sounds like UE4 has no idea what to do with the meshs, given you didn’t ( doesn’t sound like it anyway) export the floor, where they reside ?

I don’t think you can export those, separate from the house, but I could be way off as noted :wink:


Exploded? What do you mind? Is it put in random places? Are you set the position of all objets at 0.0.0 in unreal? When you select o
Anyone objet is the pivot point far from the mesh?

Hmm well i did export the floors as well. I took all the objects and deleted history and transformations, then exported them all in one fbx. I know for a fact this CAN be done (it’s no different than importing a complex object with multiple textures and objects associated with it.) I’m just missing something because the objects aren’t maintaining their position from maya.

It’s put all in random places in unreal yes. I take all the objects selected (in maya) and center the pivot…then move it all to the 0,0,0 in maya before exporting.

I not sure if I follow good, If you put the mesh in 0.0.0 on maya it never going to will place in the correct places on unreal. You need export the mesh with the offset, an put the trasform in unreal at 0,0,0.

That did it! I imported into unreal like mentioned above and just selected all assets and set transform to 0.0.0. I don’t remember having to do that step before in earlier UDK’s…thank you very much sir! :slight_smile: