Trouble import fbx file from Blender. Even whith a simple cube.

Hi there.

I’ve a trouble to import Fbx file from blender.
I’ve searching the usual trouble, so I’ve made a simple cube, triangulate it, unwrap it then export in Fbx file.

On Unreal engine, I’ve made a simple project, base on third personne. The project work, when I play it, my Character run, all il good.

I import my cube, the color of the scene change, becomin a few darker !
I play, and my character fall under the ground, and the game crash.
Cube are powerfull

The only difference is the cube imported. I dont put it on the scene, just import.

I’ve tried a lot of option on the import. Import normal, compute them, change the mthode of computation. Always the same result.

I’m afraid about import a big monument ^^

Some one have an idee ? I dont want to buy 3DS. ^^

Hi. You shouldn’t have problems importing from blender. Basically when you export from blender on the fbx exporter be sure to click where it says “selected objects only”. The fbx 7.4 binary exporter should be fine.

About the cube (or your character) falling through the ground you need to add a collision object for it. You can do that in blender, or in unreal.

Here a vid I found, it a bit dated but the info given still applies.
Hope that helps

Many thank’s Shogo.

That was effectivly one off my trouble. But there was another that I’ve found and it’s not obvious. So I explain for the personne who break there nose one the same trouble :

I see that in unreal, 1 unit is used as 1 cm. The caractere in the beginer pack is 190 unit.

So in blender, I’ve made a cube off 100 unit

When I export, I dont know where (unreal or lbender), but there’s an automatique resizing (in unreal, my scaling import parameter was 1) but my cube, in unreal have a size off 10000.
It was so huge that all the level off my game was insinde the cube.
=> I can’t see the cube (the normal are outside)
=> The game dont understand this situation and make my caracter falling.

Make a cube of size 1 in blender, export/import with the tip you give me and all is ok.

No need to triangulate, the exporter or the importer does it well.

Many thank’s for your help.
This evening, I’ll make 2 cubes :cool:

Blender to UE4 Amature/bone rotation & scale problem - UE4 AnswerHub my answer here.

Many thank’s cyaoeu. It will be very helpfull.