Trouble implementing interface functions

Hey guys, I am trying to reproduce a basic health and damage system using what i have seen from the the hud content example map, into a new project using the 3rd person template. My only goal is to make the player lose health when they walk into a zone, and show them their health as a number on the hud.

I think I understand how most everything is linked, I have the interface blueprint made, but I am having the damnest time figuring out how to get the interfaces drop down menu to appear with the get player health function like here in the hud content example:

I have made a blueprint interface(also called get player health) with it’s own function called also get player health, and I have implemented it like in the hud content example here:forum pic 2.png

But I still cannot see that “interfaces” drop down menu in the “my blueprint” panel, and edit the get player health function to look like this: .

In my character blueprint window, there is no interface menu to speak of in the my blueprint panel

I must be missing something, can’t quite narrow it down!

It depends on how you have setup the interface function inputs.

You need to have an output in the interface function if you want it like that.