Trouble getting image from array of actors with texture variables.

Okay So I built an inventory system. I want the tooltip pictures I added to my item class to show up as an image representing the item’s location in my inventory. I can pick up the items and add them into my inventory, and I can see the item in my inventory when I eject from my pawn, so I know its getting into the inventory. When I respawn the actor from my inventory it retains the same tooltip pic as well.

Here’s what my inventory looks like (very simple for now, white squares are the blank images):


Now here are the two blueprints I’ve tried (since the max inventory slots are 25, i’m going to dupe the function and just change the index its looking for, for each inventory slot):
alt text

Here is the variable setup attached to my Item class:

When I use the BP I attached where I use “make slate brush”, if I select an asset form the image drop down instead of using my items picture variable, a picture will show up, so I feel that means its going through my loop correctly after casting, no?

your loop makes no sense. actually i looked again and your loop is entirely unnecessary. once you cast, get the inventory, then just use a get node for the index that you want. this will eliminate the loop and the branch which will make it better performant and less likely to have bugs.

You’re totally right. I re wrote it, but the tool tip picture still won’t get to the image widget.