Trouble exporting mtl (obj) file


I needed an easy to use map editor that can export obj files and runs on Linux. Since I am somewhat used to UE, I decided to go with that. However, I am having some trouble with the exports.
Just taking the static meshes from the “blank” sample, I end up with this material file: ://pastebin/AhjfzRn2

The problem is, that the textures are actually in “Game/StarterContent/Materials/” and “Game/StarterContent/Props/Materials/”, but that is not reflected in the material file. (Apart from the texture names) As such, the textures can’t be found and I need to manually adjust the mtl file to fix it. (Something like this: ://pastebin/Ryv6vEBX)
If I put all my textures in a single directory, I can easily prefix all the files with the appropriate path, but it is rather annoying and folders were invented for a reason.

Is there anything I can do about this? If possible, I would also like to get rid of the “Game/” directory. I’d much rather have the file structure as it is in the content browser straight in the same place as the .obj. (Rather pointless considering the top level will only contain the OBJ and Game/)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Update: Looks like it does not export the materials of brushes, either. The mtl only contains textures of props :confused:

You cant export materials, just the textures! Blender/other 3d programs are using another way to create the shaders :wink: