Trouble accessing assets with a datatable

I’m attempting to load materials and static meshes using a list in a csv file, and I’ve followed the tutorial here. But I cant get it to parse the csv properly. It is the same problem as described in this thread: link text

My CSV file is:


But when it shows up in the data table, it is just StaticMesh’ and Material’ . When I try the triple quote fix, it crashes the editor as soon as I access the datatable. (Sorry I didnt save the crash report, Was an access violation c0005 or something) Removing the triple quotes and the crash goes away, but my static mesh and material doesn’t load. All the other columns load and are accessible just fine.

And just as reference, the relevant variables are defined in the struct as:

TAssetPtr<UStaticMesh> ItemMesh;
TAssetPtr<UMaterial> ItemMaterial;

Ok so the triple quotes wasnt what was causing the crashing. The asset location I was pointing at was wrong. As pointed out by JazzMalar on the forums.

I had the same problem but in my case it wasn’t the trible quotes. At first I thought it was but it turned out that the editor could not find the referenced asset, and crashed.
So you might want to check the path to your asset within your trible quotes.