Tropical Manipulation - UE4's first simultaneous turn-based strategy game?

Alright everyone, here’s the game I’m currently developing.

Tropical Manipulation is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game in which 1-4 players manipulate an island’s economy, government and each other to be crowned the Champion of Capitalism and keep their store open.

Announcement vid showing alpha gameplay and resolutions:

Here are some select features:

[li]Tabletop feel, digital implementation - experience the strategy of a boardgame in the power of a video game![/li]
[/li][li]Price makers, not price takers - sell by setting competitive prices and letting the customers decide how much they’ll buy![/li]
[/li][li]Simultaneous turns - no waiting while players cycle through a turn order![/li]
[/li][li]Take-that! mechanics - directly and indirectly trip up opponents while pushing your own store’s profit margins forward![/li]
[/li][li]Symmetrical start, randomised state - win matches through your superior strategy, not your luck![/li]
[/li][li]Super-cool, unannounced singleplayer features - dream about what these could be until they’re announced closer to release (2017)![/li]

Read the rest of the details here:

UE4 stuff: UE4 has been great for this. It’s 99% blueprints, but I’ve been jumping into C++ when necessary - for things like hashing text to create a game seed, creating IsInEditor() checks and walking through widget hierarchies. Having a ready-to-go networking framework has helped immensely. Modifying the standard GameState, Player and PlayerController classes to create my own turn-based resolution/processing framework has been fairly straightforward. Also, event dispatchers for UI value updates are incredible - I can’t imagine that the (even slight) performance hit for binding variables directly is ever worth it?

I’m the sole developer on this - design, programming, visuals and music are all being done by me. I’m using free 3D models when available, and rolling my own in blender when they’re not (I also used Blender for the announcement video - this is the greatest open source software around btw). Looking at a late 2017 release, with some big singleplayer ideas still to be announced.

What do you guys think?

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