Tropical jungle - UE4

Hello everyone, I want to show you my work made on Unreal Engine 4 - Tropical Jungle
This is my first level art work and I would love to get comments from you.

[VIDEO]Level Design - Tropical jungle - Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube



Amazing! You did really well with the layout! It looks very lifelike.
My only suggestion would be to remove some of the plants under the bridge and in the crevasse. There doesn’t seem to be that much light in there, so unless all of what I see is moss, there shouldn’t be too much plants under there. But other than that, it is absolutely gorgeous! Stunning.

Hey noTformaT,

Welcome to the UE community! Thrilled to have you here.

Outstanding job on the jungle. It’s so vibrant and lively and every bit of plant life you’ve chosen seems so authentic and fitting in the setting you’ve created. So genuinely impressive :smiley:

Hope to see more of your colorful jungles here on the forums and thanks so much for sharing it with us!