Tropical Jungle Pack UE4

Hi folks,
It’s now available on Marketplace!

I’m working on Tropical Jungle Environment with UE4 for marketplace asset pack for the Unreal Engine.
It will include the map, foliage/trees and other scene details.
Here is a screenshot from the current scene.
C&C are very welcome.
The Goal is to provide high quality & optimized assets for game & VR. you know, foliage is pretty challenging. like Overdraw, Shader Complexity, culling, Wind Animation. etc.

This scene is running well 60-70fps on my PC with GTX1060 6GB & Ryzen 1600X

Hope you like it!


  • Unified wind parameter with Material Parameter Collection (MPC)
  • Realistic wind movement
  • Simple foliage interaction with Player
  • PBR Materials


[12] Trees
[2] Dead trunk
[4] Clover
[4] Ferns
[6] Bushes
[6] Grass
[11] Jungle Plants
[8] Vines
[6] Rocks
[1] River
[1] Falling leaves particle

Number of Unique Meshes: 60
Collision: Yes, and custom, automatically generated
Vertex Count: 91 to 5663 vertices
LODs: Yes, Some have billboard LOD
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 108
Number of Textures: 210
Texture Resolutions: 512px to 4096px
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Not tested yet
Documentation: Not Yet
Important/Additional Notes: -