Tropical Beach Scene (Water Shader WIP)

So i started creatig a beach scene to test out a few things for my water shader variants, i have both a Translucent version and an Opaque version.

The Opaque version is good for large ocean scenes but the Translucent version works well for shorelines although it doesn’t look as nice as ‘watery’ the Opaque version.

The Translucent version uses depth to adjust it’s opacity and both versions use vertex painting to control their coloring and wave height so the waves along the shoreline are much smaller and get larger farther from shore.

All of the lighting is currently standard dynamic so the lighting is that great.

Below is a video of both versions - Because of the 1 video limit per post i will have to put the 2nd video in the next post.

The video quality is pretty bad due to YouTube’s compression.

Watch in HD


Watch in HD


Beautiful! Did you make the assets yourself? Trees etc?

Beach scenes are probably going to be my first expansion to environments for my VR audiobook and comic readers.

Thanks! Yes, i made everything accept for the mesh used for the large rocks.

I used SpeedTree to create the palm meshes but they were based on one of their base assets, i created new shaders for them though because the defaults are very basic.

This looks pretty cool, great work so far!
Keep it up!

Awesome work so far CharlestonS! I agree with 100% on the Opaque vs. Translucent. Keep up the great work and hope to see more as you progress in the development of your project!