"Tron-ified" one of the stock Materials

Hey guys 'n gals,
Just a quick post. I’m not sure if this is of any use to anyone, but I was messing around with the materials and changed one of the materials to resemble something you’d find more in Tron or something. Could be useful if your project, if not, just ignore this post :slight_smile:

This is the material in question:

Here are the files you need:

File #1
File #2

And here’s how you put it all together.

Step #1 - Find “M_Tech_Hex_Tile_Pulse” in your Content Browser, right click > Create Duplicate (Remember to rename to something cool like “M_Tech_Tron” or “M_TTron” (Here’s a help image)

Step #2 - Import the files up there ^^^ (T_Tron.tga (The texture) and T_Tron_Normal.jpg (Normal Map)

Step #3 - Just make the changes detailed here: (CLICK ME, The image is too big on here!)

Step #4 - Drag it onto something in the scene.

It’s very simple, but it might help someone out who needs it.

Any comments, questions or whatever. You know where I am, post a comment! Let me know what you think!

Ryan S

Thanks! Looks great.

^ That is weird haha. Cool material though. =)

Whoa, almost exactly one year later to the 15 min mark? I thought about doing the math on the odds, but meh, I’m tired.

Really cool, I remember following a variation of this material in Liaret’s tutorial on Youtube, thank you for saving time!

Hey, I know this is an old thread but is there any way to make the glow available for the edges of the model instead of the middle? I.E if I had a cube, all of it’s edges would be the emmisive glow instead of where it is currently placed?

Follow one of Liaret’s recent tutorials on YouTube. Don’t do the older one, it’s the newer version you want.

Please re-up :] looks freaking awesome!

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